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1) Genealogical Societies
AGoFF - Society of East German Genealogists
AMF - Society of Central German Genealogists
GFF - Society for Genealogy in Franconia (English)
SGFF- Swiss Society for Genealogy
VVF - Flemish Society for Genealogy (Dutch)
2) Genealogical Databases     General information on genealogy in the German-speaking area (Eng.)            Database on Genealogists searching in Germany   Large Gedcom-database (English)  Database of the AGoFF     Database of the AMF (1)          Database of the LDS Church (Name-Search) (English) (2)          Database of the LDS Church (Place-Search) (English)

3) Archives & Dioceses (in the respective local languages)

Online Church records town in the Netherlands

Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie

Archdiocese Katowice (Kattowitz)
- Homepage              
- Archive                  

Diocese Gliwice (Gleiwitz)
- Homepage       

Archdiocese Wroclaw (Breslau)
- Homepage       

Diocese Opole (Oppeln)
- Homepage         

Dicoese Sosnowiec
- Infos on parishes

Information on the Dt.ür_Genealogie
Zentralstelle für Genealogie

Ev. Zentralarchiv Berlin

Infos on Protestant Parishes in :
- Berlin-Brandenburg
- Mecklenburg      
- Pommern           

Archdiocese Bamberg
- Infos on parishes
- Archive          

Diocese Münster

Archives in der Czech Republic
- Moravian State Archiv in Brno
- State Archive in Opava    

4) General Information Pages
        Catalogue of (old) German obituaries
        Online catalogue of the Polish State archives (English/Polish)
        Guide to Internet sources and mailing-lists (English)
       Information on Hinterpommern
       Homepage of the Neumark-L mailinglist, extensive data and sources for research in the
       Neumark region
       Information on Silesia
       Database for German/Polish place names
       List of Silesian "Ortsfamilienbücher"
        Old Berlin address-books (1799-1943)

5) Mailing Lists (open)






Czech Republic


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