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.....My paternal ancestors are predominately from Saxony-Anhalt, on the maternal side they are almost exclusively from Silesia. The Vogels were called Soya until the middle of the 19th century. My great-great-grandfather - son of a Moravian immigrant - changed his name and religion when he moved from Memel in Eastern Prussia to the small Neumark town of Driesen-Kietz. Other that that the Soyas can be traced back to the town of Bojkovice in Moravia, where they were resident for at least a century. But the name is not really common there either, give cause to the presumption, that they immigrated there too.
The ancestors of my paternal grandmother - Hannah née Berendes - are mostly from Saxony-Anhalt. Paternally from the area Wernigerode-Halberstadt-Quedlinburg, and maternally from the Halle area in eastern Saxony-Anhalt. The grandmother of Hannah, Hermine von Blücher, is the "reason" that we can trace our ancestors back to Charlemagne and beyond.
.....The ancestors of my mother didn't move around nearly as much as those of my father. The ancestors of my grandfather are mainly from the Kreis Leobschütz in Upper Silesia, some from the industrial town of Bismarckhütte, also Upper Silesia. The paternal ancestors of my grandmother are from Klein Zöllnig in the Kreis Oels, Central Silesia. Her mother's ancestors are from Beuthen, Upper Silesia.
Structure of the Homepage
.....This site is divided into areas of research, i.e. you click on a town or an area and then get the information pertaining to the ancestors from that particular area in form of Ahnentafels.
If you wish, you can also follow the ascendancy, i.e. god from the father to the grandfather etc, for this you should click on the "here" button in the next section below.
.....I plan to include information of the towns in the under sections, also stories about the people, as well as photographs of towns and people. Photographs are already available in part, hyperlinks to these are to be found at the end of each under section.
Additional features
.....In addition to the "normal" ancestral information the are a few other features on this homepage. For one, it is planned to include the "Ortsfamilienbuch", i.e. a book including all vital statistics for the years 1675-1800 of the town of Klein Zöllnig, Groß Zöllnig and Sadewitz (all Kreis Oels, Silesia). But since this would take up quite a large amount of web space, this will have to put off for the moment. In the meantime there is only a list of all ancestors of Martin Scholz as well as an name index. If you descend in any way from Martin Scholz, or have any family ties to the three towns I would be very interested to exchange information. I hope you enjoy this site.
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